Why Wave Kinetics

WAVE KINETICS now proudly distributed by The Audio Association!

WAVE KINETICS creates Vibration Control Systems for a variety of industries and uses. By bringing to bear our knowledge in physics, mathematics and engineering, experience working with the Department of Defense, numerous Universities and the aerospace industry, WAVE KINETICS is able to tailor products for specific purposes and industries.

As audiophiles, we realized that proper scientific and engineering methods can be applied to the high end audio industry to solve difficult vibration problems that audibly impair sonics. WAVE KINETICS employs cutting edge techniques to produce products that enhance the acoustic performance of audio and video electronics as well as loudspeakers.

Within this website you will find a wealth of information regarding vibration and some of the different methods in dealing with this issue. We hope you will come away with a better understanding of how important this subject is and the dramatic impact proper vibration control can have on your high-end audio system.

Just remember, what you read is only important until you get to experience it, then only the sonics matter.


Our products are available through select high-end retailers who specialize in exceptional product knowledge and unsurpassed service. For the location of the dealer that can best serve you please call our customer information line below

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